Data Science Events

DSC/e Distinguished Lecture Series

The Data Science Center Eindhoven is proud to present the new “Distinguished DSC/e Lecture Series”, where international renowned thought leaders will share their experiences on important data science topics. This series is organized to showcase cutting edge data science research and highly innovative applications. 

In line with the mission of the DSC/e, these talks are aimed at a wide audience of both domain experts and interested persons from adjacent disciplines.  With this we would like to stimulate an exchange of ideas on the latest advances in data science between speakers, staff and the public.  

Just like the regular lectures, these talks are free and open to all (after registration), with a full-is-full policy. We schedule these lectures at the end of normal working hours to enable interaction after the talks. We invite TU/e employees / students as well as current and future industry relations and government representatives to sign up and take this unique opportunity to engage with our guest speakers and meet our top academics and industry partners.

Regular DSC/e Lectures 

Next to the distinguished DSC/e lectures series we also host regular, more informal lectures on data science. These can vary from relatively specialist to more general talks. Speakers can come from industry, from other research institutes and from within our own DSC/e community.  

There is no fixed planning for these lectures. Some are planned well in advance, others will be organized when opportunities arise (e.g., visitors). Typically these lectures are held around lunchtime, to enable maximum attendance. Lectures are typically hosted in the ‘Filmzaal’ of the ‘Zwarte Doos’.  All talks are free and open to all (after registration), with a full-is-full policy.