DSC/e PhD defenses

June 2017


PresenterTitle PhD supervisor: Departments:
June 29D.C. Mocanu “Network Computations in Artificial Intelligence” prof.dr. A. LiottaElectrical Engineering (EE)
June 28T.M. Labeodan “A multi-agents and occupancy based strategy for energy management and process control on the room-level” prof.ir. W. Zeiler and eprof.Dr.-Ing. A.L.P. RosemannBuilt Environment (BE)
June 26M. Raaijmakers “Towards Environment Perception for Highly Automated Driving with a case study on roundabouts” prof.dr. M.T. de BergMathematics and Computer Science (W&I)
June 19R. Kotian “Reliable Transmission Power Control for Internet of Things” prof.dr. A. LiottaElectrical Engineering (EE)
June 6

 S. Li

“Sensing, communication and illumination with LED lighting systems”  

prof.dr.ir. F.M.J. Willems and prof.dr.ir. A.B. Smolders

Electrical Engineering (EE)
June 12

 H.L. Salunkhe

“Modeling and Buffer Analysis of Real-time Streaming Radio Applications Scheduled on Heterogeneous Multiprocessors”

prof.dr.ir. C.H. van Berkel

Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I)

May 2017


DatePresenterTitle PhD supervisor: Departments:
May 30

J. Quevedo Fernandez

"Sketching Animations in Design and Beyond"


prof.dr.ir. J.-B.O.S. Martens and  

prof.dr. P. Markopoulos


Industrial Design (ID)
May 23

V.B. Hillen

"People Place Process A self reflection tool to become a professional in design thinking, based on Pedagogical Action Research"

prof.dr.ir. C.C.M. Hummels

Industrial Design (ID)

May 18

B.W.J. Mathijsen

"Asymptotic dimensioning of stochastic service systems"

prof.dr. J.S.H. van Leeuwaarden and prof.dr. A.P. Zwart

Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I)

May 16

T.C.J. Dela Haije

"Finsler Geometry and Diffusion MRI"

prof.dr. L.M.J. Florack

Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I)
May 16

R.J.W. de Groot

"Optimal placement and operation of novel grid technologies in distribution grids"

prof.dr.ir. J.G. SlootwegElectrical Engineering (EE)
May 10

M.M. Siraj

"Reducing the effect of uncertainty in robust optimization for oil recovery"

prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den Hof and prof.dr.ir. J.D. Jansen 


Electrical Engineering (EE)
May 9

S.J.J. Leemans

"Robust Process Mining with Guarantees"

prof.dr.ir. W.M.P. van der Aalst

Mathematics and Computer Science (W&I)

April 2017


DatePresenterTitle PhD supervisor: Departments:
April 24

B. Kruizinga

"Low Voltage Underground Power Cable Systems: Degradation Mechanisms and the Path to Diagnostics".

prof.dr.ir. E.F. Steennis

Electrical Engineering (EE)
April 18

K. Triantafylidis

"Automated Design Space Exploration for Component-Based Real-Time Distributed Systems".

prof.dr.ir. P.H.N. de With

Electrical Engineering (EE)
April 3

M. Vahdat

"Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for Inquiry-Based Learning".

prof.dr. D. Anguita and


prof.dr. G.W.M. Rauterberg

Industrial Design (ID)

March 2017


DatePresenterTitle PhD supervisor: Departments:
March 29

V. Lim

"Design Opportunities in Reducing Domestic Food Waste: A Collective Approach".


prof.dr. G.W.M. Rauterberg

Industrial Design (ID)
March 29

J. Zhang

"Multi-Orientation Analysis of Retinal Images for Computer-Aided Diagnosis".

prof.dr.ir. B.M. ter Haar Romeny

Biomedical Engineering (BE)
March 28

L.A. Hurtado Munoz

"Uncovering Demand Flexibility in Buildings A smart grid inter-operation framework for the optimization of energy and comfort".

prof.dr. I.G. Kamphuis

Electrical Engineering (EE)



R.G. Raidou

"Visual Analytics for Digital Radiotherapy Towards a Comprehensible Pipeline".

prof.dr.ir. M. Breeuwer and


prof.dr. J.P.W. Pluim

Biomedische Technologie (BT)
March 21

M. Steadie Seifi

"Multimodal Transportation for Perishable Products".

prof.dr. T. van Woensel

Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences (IE&IS)