Architecture of Information Systems (AIS)

Main research interest

Investigation of methods, techniques and tools for the design and analysis of process-aware information systems (PAIS), i.e. systems that support business processes (workflows) inside and between organizations. We are interested in

  • Information systems
  • Process modelling
  • Process mining (process discovery, conformance, extension)
  • We also actively maintain and develop several (open-source) software packages:
    • ProM (process mining and process analysis)
    • YAWL (workflow management)
    • Declare (workflow management)
    • CPN Tools (model-based analysis, simulation)

Success stories

The group closely collaborates with various software vendors, consultancy firms and end-user organizations. An example of this was the CoSeLoG project in which 10 municipalities and 2 software vendors participated. Applying process mining on selected processes revealed certain key employees for which no back-up was available.

The group also organizes the yearly business process intelligence challenge where a real-life data set is published and analyzed by contestants. One of the datasets described loan applications, where it was found that for loans totaling to € 38.000 no approval was registered, while the loan was granted.

The work of the group on workflow patterns also influenced industry standards such as BPMN.

Furthermore, two spin-offs in the area of process mining (Future Process Intelligence and Fluxicon) demonstrate the practical relevance of the groups’ research.

Project examples

  1. DeLiBiDa NWO
    New process mining techniques that are able to handle huge event logs in variable and heterogeneous contexts.
  2. Philips Flagship Philips & TU/e
    Data science research in product-centric consumer data analytics, predictive analytics for healthcare workflows, and radiology workflow optimization and orchestration.
  3. Process mining in logistics Vanderlande 
    Analyzing event data to improve the performance of package handling systems and warehouse automation systems, both online and offline.