System Architecture & Networking (SAN)

Main research interest

 We are interested in networked embedded system, with time and resource constraints, with focus on:

  • the Internet of Things, where we address resource and life cycle management, and the embedded analysis of large data streams
  • real-time systems, scheduling and resource management to make networked platforms predictable, as well as aspects of predictability in composition during system development and deployment 

Our research concerns analysis, modeling, design methods, and prototyping, and often is in collaboration with industry, inspired by practical problems.  

Our results are often associated with application domains, which are intelligent lighting, automotive, as well as  industrial, software-intensive systems in healthcare and manufacturing.

Success stories

SAN research has practical relevance, as shown by many research projects with industry. A recent example is the OpenAIS EU project in which a new architecture is defined for IP-based lighting. The project attracts increasing attention and is the basis for standardization.

Another example is the Mantis project (with the department of IE&IS and Philips) in which we improve the maintenance of manufacturing equipment by interpreting large sensor data sets.

At any time, more than five large projects are running. We closely collaborate with the security group (SEC), and the Software Engineering group (SET).

Project examples

  1. OpenAIS (Horizon2020) Goal: create an open architecture and prototype for IP-based lighting.
  2. Enables-S3 succeeding Crystal (ECSEL) Goal: improve the engineering of large industrial software intensive systems, with focus on specifying timing and other properties at interfaces and managing those.
  3. Lighting Flagship (Philips & TU/e) Goal: propose life cycle management within IoT, with connections to the OpenAIS project.
  4. rCPS (NWO/STW) Goal: determine response times in switched real-time ethernet.