Business Process Design - Design Innovation Strategy (BPD-DIS)

Main research interest (DSC/e related)

The Design Innovation Strategy group focusses on interdisciplinary collaboration between design and engineering technology to develop innovative products, especially on applying design insights to envision and interpret emerging technologies in future scenarios. We have been working on designing the user experience for internet of things since 2013. Data Science plays an important role in the research e.g. in combining subjective user input with multiple streams of sensor data collected by internet of things to gain in-depth understanding of user behavior and preferences, as well as making use of data collected by things to augment people’s senses. We aim to re-define the role of designers in designing the interface between data/things and people.

Another topic is the dynamics between multiple users in a smart environment. How can smart environment make use of multiple streams of data to facilitate and mediate among different users? This includes the dynamics between people and the intelligent agency of machines. How to balance the control between people and the intelligent machines?

Success stories

Dial: a toolkit for designing intuitive interaction between people and smart things. We developed a set of physical objects which can display lighting patterns and play sound effects in a synchronized  manner. We then used the toolkit to test user understanding of designed vocabulary of smart objects.

Visualization of User Preferences from Apps4Home project. We designed ways to visualize machine understanding of user preference and conflicts among different users.

Visualization of Alternatives and Trade-offs from Apps4Kid project. We designed an interface to let users make decision based on visualization of predicted consequences.

Project examples

  • Apps 4Kid and Apps4Home. We developed future user scenario films to propose the idea of offering IoT solutions as Apps that can be purchased and installed to a home, and to envision how smart technologies can interact with people to provide better decision support and to mediate conflicts among the users. We conducted these projects are in collaboration with NTU IoX Center (formerly Intel-NTU Center) in Taipei, Taiwan.