Cardiovascular Biomechanics (CVBM)

Main research interest (DSC/e related)

Model predictive and evidence based clinical decision support   

Evidence based medicine aims to use the results of population-based data for decision making in clinical practice. Evidence based decision support systems provide an IT solution to integrate the best and most up-to-date research evidence with the individual patient’s data and the clinical expertise of the attending physician.   

Rather than experience based evidence, the group typically uses mathematical models to predict the future behavior of a process or design depending on internal (time dependent) behavior and possible external influential factors. This strategy has emerged into means to deal with control of dynamic systems, where large multivariable constrained processes are optimized dynamically by the use of model predictive control (MPC). The model predictive controller uses the model as well as current system-specific measurements to determine the interventions that will result in the desired behavior.

A clinical support system would ideally combine evidence based medicine and a patient-specific model predictive control strategy and heavily depends on shared population based as well as measured personalized medical data.

Success stories

Coronary flow reserve

A number of research projects, dedicated to the analysis of blood flow in the coronary circulation, have been carried out in close collaboration with the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven (CHE).      

These studies comprised computational and experimental analysis of the pressure-flow relation in healthy and diseased coronary artery trees. These analyses were used to verify the concept of fractional flow reserve (FFR), first introduced by prof. Nico Pijls at CHE as an important clinical index to decide upon the physiological severity of a coronary stenosis. Validation studies based on randomized clinical trials have shown the value of the FFR and changed the guidelines for treatment of coronary artery disease.

Project examples

  • VPH-Share has the ambition at the end of its effort to provide to the community a set of tools that will help the VPH and biomedical community in sharing information and build new knowledge. More information
  • EurValve will implement, test and validate a modelling based decision support system (DSS) for aortic and mitral valve diseases that allows simulating, comparing and understanding the effects (outcomes) and risks of different treatment strategies. More information