Design for Behavior Change (DBC)

Main research interest (DSC/e related)

We design, develop and evaluate technologies to support data collection in every day life through wearable systems, ecological momentary assessment, games in order to support people to learn about themselves, to change behaviors for the purposes of healthy living, prevention or rehabilitation.

We are interested in:

  • Tailoring and personalization in technologies supporting behavior change
  • Serious Games / Games with a Purpose
  • Supporting longitudinal studies involving self-report and activity logging
  • Understanding the effects of self-monitoring on individuals and groups

Project examples

  • GHOST -FP7 IST-FET OpenGeneric Highly Organic Shape-Changing Interfaces.
  • i-PE -NWOIntelligent Play Environments project.
  • Zishi: a smart garment for posture monitoring and correction. (CSC, Wang Qi).
  • STEC Project -NWOCulturally-situated dynamics of human behavior.
  • Advanced Sleep Monitoring -IMPULS II: Philips, Kempenhaeghe & TU/e.
  • ILLMO–Interactive Log Likelihood Modeling software. more information