Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (ITEM)

Main research interest (DSC/e related)

The ITEM group’s research, educational and valorization program focuses on means for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of new product and business development processes within high-tech firms, organizations and institutions. It entails all the strategic and operational activities involved in identifying and exploiting new business opportunities, including new product, service, business model, or platform development, as well as their launch and promotion. The multiplicity of research projects conducted by the ITEM group focus on high-tech product-service systems, which demonstrate increasing connectivity, digitization and the related capacity to generate novel data. Volume, velocity, variety and veracity of such data do not immediately translate into value. The ways to discover, exploit and utilize those valuable data while developing new businesses and products represent the unique focus of the ITEM group in DSC/e. The group employs both qualitative and quantitative research designs.

Success stories

The ITEM group is involved in several projects, with European, national, industry and university funding, on a range of topics. For these projects, we collaborate with researchers worldwide, with industry partners like ASML, Philips and Océ and institutions like ESA, NSO, KIC InnoEnergy and STW.   

The aim of our research projects is to contribute scientifically, but also perform research that is relevant and useful for practice in that it improves the success rate of new product and business development.

Project examples

  • TU/e impuls Business Model Innovation in Mobile Apps.
  • Philips / ILI Business Model Innovation in Smart Urban Lighting.
  • EU FP7 Digitization and the Reconfiguration of Architecture.
  • KIC InnoEnergy Disruptive Innovation in Dynamic Eco-Systems.
  • ASML Accelerating Innovation and Service through Learning.
  • NSO/ESA Synergies in Sustainable Space and Energy.