Operations Planning And Control (OPAC) - Freight Transport & Logistics (FT&L)

Main research interest (DSC/e related)

Freight Transport & Logistics involves the process of transporting commodities and goods and cargo. ICT infrastructure is an enabler for planning and scheduling via providing the right information resources at the right time and place.    

Nowadays, larger quantities along with more detailed and faster data and information are available. This allows for better planning and scheduling. But this is also a challenge as many planning and scheduling tools are not able to handle this amount and quality of information. This is exactly the focus of this stream of research.

Research involves:

  • Urban logistics (or first/last mile logistics)
  • Transport network design
  • Omnichannel logistics
  • Public transportation
  • On-demand transporation (e.g. Uber for people and freight)
  • Retail operations

Success stories

City Logistics serious game 


Data-driven logistics MSc projects with DHL, Deliveroo, Royal FloraHolland, Trunkrs, Nabuurs, etc. leading to important insights and deliverables based on a data-driven approach to understand problems and to support improved decision making.

Project examples

  • DATAS NWO Vitale LogistiekMulti-channel and multi-company decision support systems involves connectivity, allowing data to be exchanged, shared and connected.
  • CONCOORD JPI Urban EuropeIntegrated logistics system for CONsolidation and COORDination of urban distribution flows.