Real Estate Management & Urban Planning (REMUP)

Research interests (DSC/e related)

Urban Planning and Real Estate Management are two research groups within the unit Urban Systems and Real Estate.We use big data and real world data to understand where people want to live, work and spend their free time. We turn these insights into solutions for smart cities and buildings.

Our team is multidisciplinary and includes: engineers, urbanists, transportation experts, psychologists and economists. We work with applied models and statistical techniques. 

Our research areas include:  

  • Housing research and modelling
  • Urban and real estate management
  • Smart mobility
  • Livable and healthy cities
  • Smart working environments

Success stories

Transportation model Albatross was developed for the Ministry of Transportation. Using micro-simulation, the model predicts the trips people make in the context of their daily activities. It can be used for transport policy analysis.

A model of the land market in shopping centers predicts location of vacancy and most favorable spots for trans-formation. It is used by the Ministry of Economics to stimulate transformations of vacant retail properties into other use.

An app offers information on cultural objects in one’s surroundings and advises smart cultural routes to tourists. The route planner accounts for the individual interests, the available time and transport modes.

Project examples

  • Happy senior living In cooperation with architects from Delft and financed by 4TU. We use big data to study housing preferences of senior citizens and design two or three best 65+ living concepts.
  • Smart working environments In cooperation with (and partly financed by) a consortium of real estate companies. We study what building concepts optimally stimulate knowledge exchange between individuals at work.
  • Scripts In cooperation with a consortium of several companies, we develop models for Mobility as a Service solutions, using big data.
  • Transportation Several projects are based on multi-million trip records using smart cards, taxi GPS data and phone data.