Security of Embedded Systems (SEC)

Main research interest

The mission of the Security group (SEC) is to realize a more secure and privacy-preserving digital infrastructure. Our research spans two areas vital to the security of distributed systems, namely policy compliance in decentralized systems and security of networked embedded systems. We are interested in: 

  • Network monitoring and intrusion detection
  • PUFs and privacy-preserving biometrics
  • Whitebox Crypto and software security
  • Access control and a-posteriori policy compliance
  • Formal methods for security
  • Scientific staff

Success stories

The group has a strong valorization record: it cooperates closely with several successful companies and start-ups (Philips, NXP, Thales, SecurityMatters, Intrinsic-ID, … ), and it regularly produces patents. For example, the spin-off SecurityMatters was founded by the head of the group and is now bringing to the intercontinental market network cutting-edge monitoring systems based on research on intrusion detection.   

SEC also develops software that finds its way in industrial applications, for instance SAFAX, is a novel architectural framework that offers authorization as a service and has been adopted and integrated in Thales key management service for secure distributed data spaces.

Project examples

  • CITADEL (EU H2020) aims to create resilient systems that maintain safety and security in dynamic environments. Partners include ATB, Ikerlan, TTTech, SYSGO, Kaspersky Lab, TU/e, etc.
  • SpySpot (NWO) concentrates on the detection of advanced attacks using a combination of visualization and anomaly detection techniques. Partners include SecurityMatters, SynerScope, TNO, and Dutch Ministry of the Interior.
  • IDentification for the Internet of Things (Chist-era, NWO) This project will develop identification and authentication techniques for high-volume low-power devices in the Internet of Things. Partners: TU/e, INRIA, University of Geneva.