Research Programs

The DSC/e consists of over thirty research groups, each of which is working on their own topic and/or technique, across six involved departments. This wide distribution of research efforts creates many opportunities for new collaborations. By setting up research programs the DSC/e aims to connect these efforts to initiate and align joint research. Additionally, by joining forces it becomes easier to collaborate with industry and to attract external funding.

Each research program is centered around a specific application domain. Each research program is led by a professor who is actively working in this specific application area. In each research program several DSC/e groups (usually three to five) from different departments join forces to collaborate and advance the research in this domain. Furthermore, officers from the research support network join most meetings to connect researchers to upcoming calls. This core team meets regularly, and organizes larger meetings around this topic.

By providing an internal meeting place for researchers to get together and have discussions, novel ideas emerge and collaborations can be started. Existing external contacts can easily be shared to further increase industrial collaboration. In the future, external events (lectures in the lecture series or larger workshops) will also be organized around these research programs. These interactions of course also connect existing networks and enable external parties to find their way within the DSC/e.

The DSC/e is currently running the following research programs.