WONDER (Dutch Research School in Mathematics)

WONDER is the Dutch Research School in Mathematics. WONDER coordinates the national graduate program in mathematics. The main activity is in training (prospective) PhD students, from a program of honors courses for Master's and Graduate students, through schools, training networks, and the Hans Duistermaat visiting professorship. WONDER also hand out prizes, such as the Stieltjes Prize of the Foundation Compositio, for the best Dutch PhD thesis.

Participating universities are TU/e, RU, RuG, TUD, UL, UT, UU, UvA, UvT and VU.

Associated research institutes are: Eurandom and CWI.

In 2010, three research schools - the Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Applications (EIDMA), the Mathematical Research Institute (MRI), and the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics - decided to merge into this one national (Dutch) research school in mathematics, called WONDER. On January 1, 2011, Wonder did officially start.

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