Interactive Visualization of Dynamic Multivariate Networks

Networks describe the relations between objects. With networks we can model complex physical and non-physical phenomena that occur in the world around us. Some examples of non-physical networks are financial networks where money is transferred (relation) between bank accounts (objects); e-mail networks where e-mails are sent (relation) between e-mail accounts (objects); and online social-networks with friendships between persons. Some examples of physical networks are transportation networks where goods are transported between companies; (tele-)communication between persons; migration of people between cities; airplanes flying  between airports.

In general, networks are rarely static; they are dynamic, meaning that the structure and/or associated multivariate data change over time. In addition, they often contain more information  than just the objects and the relations between them, which further increases complexity.

The main research question addressed in this project is as follows: “How to enable people to obtain insight in dynamic multivariate networks using a combination of automated and interactive visual methods?". Networks do not necessarily have to be both dynamic and multivariate, and we aim to provide tools and techniques to deal with both, hence we present individual and composite solutions. In combination, these solutions provide guidelines, recommendations, and techniques that enable network exploration and analysis while also being applicable in isolation.