Modelling and Optimization of Pathology Workflows and Flexible Semantic Orchestration

Visualization in Digital Pathology


The project is part of the Data Science flagship, a collaboration between TU/e and Philips Research. It focuses on Digital Pathology, a recent clinical technology in which data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and whole slide images (WSIs) come together to provide pathologists the necessary information to make their diagnosis.

For centuries, pathologists diagnosed diseases looking through the microscope and annotating the discoveries on their report. At the moment, many questions have still to find an answer on how to make all the produced information useful and accessible to produce more consistent and accurate diagnosis. In this PhD project we look at new visualization solutions for digital pathology as improving the connection between digital tissue slides and clinical patient data and to enhance the exploration of big images (e.g. 100000 x 100000 pixels).