Visual Analytics for Healthcare Workflows

Visualisation of complex healthcare workflows to provide insights by developing new visualisation techniques and using existing process mining approaches.

Medical examinations, such as pathology and radiology, involve complex workflows. This project aims to obtain insight into these workflows, in order to understand what goes well and what can be improved by using a visual analytics approach, where automated processing and interactive exploration are tightly integrated.

The main issues that are considered in this project are:

  1. assessment and comparison of workflows, especially comparing similar situations for different hospitals, modalities, time periods, etc.;
  2. the support of exploration to obtain insight; and
  3. presentation, to communicate these insights and results to all stakeholders.

The event cube is identified as a central concept here: a storage of all events during the periods considered, from which different projections can be made. This project focuses on the interactive visualization of these projections in combination with the workflows derived from these using process mining techniques.