Section Information Systems (IS)

The section IS studies subjects related to the design, realization, analysis and optimization of information systems.

The section IS comprises three chairs:

Architecture of Information Systems

The chair Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) investigates methods, techniques and tools for the design and analysis of process-aware information systems, i.e., systems that support business processes (workflows) in organizations. We are not only interested in these information systems and their architecture, but also try to model and analyze the business processes and organizations they support.

Data Mining

The Data Mining (DM) chair studies techniques and knowledge discovery approaches that are at the core of data science. The group is known for its contributions to the areas of predictive analytics, automation of machine learning and networked science, subgroup discovery and exceptional model mining, and similarity computations on complex data.

Web Engineering

The chair Web Engineering (WE) explores methods, techniques and tools for dealing with structured and semi- or unstructured information, using mainly hypermedia - large or small amounts of information presented, for example, as text, images or video, connected to each other via links.

The chair studies the structure of information systems as well as the possible ways to store the information to make it more accessible for users. Meaningful links are made interpretable for computers using the Semantic Web. Personalization and adaptivity improve the user experience of information sources.