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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Maas - Cremers, D. PDPDS Secretary MDB 0. +31 40-247 3345 Email to Maas - Cremers, D.
Madhikar, P. MSc CASA PhD Stud. MF 7.144 +31 40-247 3362 Email to Madhikar, P. MSc
Mak, dr. R.H. SENS UD MF 6.067 +31 40-247 3719 Email to Mak, dr. R.H.
Mariën, S. MSc CASA OBP MF 7.077 Email to Mariën, S. MSc
Markovic, A. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.100 +31 40-247 8895 Email to Markovic, A. MSc
Martin, ir. F.C. CASA OBP MF 7.077 +31 40-247 3327 Email to Martin, ir. F.C.
Martindale, C.R. DM OWP MF 6.097A Email to Martindale, C.R.
Masroor, S. MSc CASA_1 PhD Stud. MF 7.123 +31 40-247 8583 Email to Masroor, S. MSc
Maubach, dr. J.M.L. CASA_1 UD MF 7.090 +31 40-247 4358 Email to Maubach, dr. J.M.L.
Mayank, M. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.072+073 +31 40-247 2555 Email to Mayank, M. MSc
Mazoyer, V.L.M. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 5993 Email to Mazoyer, V.L.M. MSc
Medeiros de Carvalho, dr. R. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.146 +31 40-247 4144 Email to Medeiros de Carvalho, dr. R.
Meer, dr. J.C. van der CASA_1 UD MF 7.069 +31 40-247 4451 Email to Meer, dr. J.C. van der
Meesters, ir. S.P.L. CASA_1 PhD Stud. MF 7.077 Email to Meesters, ir. S.P.L.
Mehr, M. MSc A&V PhD Stud. MF 4.100 +31 40-247 8892 Email to Mehr, M. MSc
Melby, E. MSc BCS OWP MF 5.106 +31 40-247 3510 Email to Melby, E. MSc
Meng, X. MSc IS-WSK&I OWP MF 7.111 Email to Meng, X. MSc
Mengerink, J.G.M. MSc MDSE PhD Stud. MF 6.086B Email to Mengerink, J.G.M. MSc
Menkovski, dr. V. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.097b +31 40-247 4185 Email to Menkovski, dr. V.
Menon Satish, S. MSc SENS PhD Stud. MF 6.106 +31 40-247 4138 Email to Menon Satish, S. MSc
Meulemans, dr. W. A&V UD MF 4.149 +31 40-247 4483 Email to Meulemans, dr. W.
Meuwese, S. Comm OBP MF 5.66 Email to Meuwese, S.
Mietus, ir. M.J. DSCE OBP MF 5.5.096 +31 40-247 4233 Email to Mietus, ir. M.J.
Mikovski Iotov, I. MSc ST TOIO MF 5.097b +31 40-247 4334 Email to Mikovski Iotov, I. MSc
Mintchev, I.M. ST TOIO MF 5.082 Email to Mintchev, I.M.
Mobini, F. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 Email to Mobini, F. MSc
Mocanu, D.C. IS-WSK&I UD MF 7.119 Email to Mocanu, D.C.
Mohamed, H.M.H.H.M. MSc ASD TOIO MF 5.079 +31 40-247 5993 Email to Mohamed, H.M.H.H.M. MSc
Mommers - Lenders, M.M. MSc MDSE Secretary MF 6.090 +31 40-247 5145 Email to Mommers - Lenders, M.M. MSc
Montes Garcia, A. MSc IS-WSK&I PhD Stud. MF 7.104b Email to Montes Garcia, A. MSc
Mukherjee, D. MSc STO PhD Stud. MF 4.068+069 +31 40-247 8847 Email to Mukherjee, D. MSc

Total persons: 31