Switching to a TU/e Master

Have you obtained a Bachelor diploma? Then you can opt for a master's program at the TU/e.
Which master suits you?
Each TU/e graduate program focuses on one specific research area and consists of one or more Master's programs. Wondering which master suits you best? Check the list of all the masters here. In the transfer matrix you can see if you are ready to get started with the master of your choice or might need an pre-Master program.

Admission and registration
After earning your bachelor's degree or pre-Master you can start your master. For more information about admission and enrollment don't hesitate to contact the Education and Student Service Center (STU).

When you have obtained your Bachelor at a hbo or at another university, you are also very welcome. However it may be that you have to follow a pre-Master program to be admitted to the master.

Possibilities after your master
If you want to further increase your career opportunities you can follow a two-year design program after your master. You will learn to apply theory into practice. This gives you a nice head start on the job market.

If you are more interested in conducting research you can also choose to do a PhD after your master. Completing a PhD gives you a perfect starting position for a scientific career.