The summerschool is intended for pupils who will be moving on to 6-VWO (pre-university year) and have an interest in chemistry or chemical engineering. This year the summerschool will be held from Monday August 28 through Thursday August 31st, 2017.

What is the summerschool?
You will spend four days working in a group of, on average, six pupils on an interesting project. Various project will be offered by the different research groups at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. This will give you the chance to use sophisticated equipment in a professional laboratory, under the expert guidance of a student in a higher year. During this week you can also find out what it is like to study at a university.

Rounding off the week
The summerschool will be rounded off with a poster presentation about the results achieved in the project. The audience will be the other groups and staff of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. This will enable you to experience aspects of chemistry and chemical engineering other than those involved in your project work.

Staying overnight
Everyone can stay overnight. There are no costs involved in taking part in the summerschool.

Registration will start in the spring, in April. Make sure you know the registration conditions. In view of the high level of interest among pupils and the limited number of places, it has been decided, initially at least, to set a maximum of two pupils per school. Pupils who are registered as reserves will be able to participate if the total number of pupils who may participate is not reached. Be sure to register early because full is full!

More information
For more information about the summerschool or for answers to questions about the Chemical Engineering degree program, you can contact the program information officer. In addition, TU/e has a website page that has up-to-date information about recruitment activities. Among other things, you can sign up for an orientation day at our department.