Students from Team Solid win award of 50.000 euro

Last Thursday, Team Solid won the NWO Open Mind contest. They won 50.000 euros to invest in Power2Metal research. The student team works on a new concept called Metal Fuels where metal powders are used as a sustainable energy carrier with zero emission. Among the winners Team Solid was the only student team.

Open Mind contest
Researchers are often societally involved and full of ideas for improving the world. The Open Mind program of NWO (Dutch Organization of Scientific Research) offers an accessible opportunity to take such ideas to practice. Open Mind is open to surprising research ideas that could lead to applications with a societal impact. The emphasis is on new ideas that have not been researched by the applicants yet.

Team Solid
is an ambitious, multidisciplinary student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) that stands for sustainability and innovation. The team has been set up as part of the Honors Track Energy Transition. The team currently consists of 12 TU/e students of the departments Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

They are working on a new concept called “metal fuels”, in which metals are used to sustainably store energy. When metal powders are burned, heat is released and the metals turn into metal oxides, also known as rust. The heat can be used to warm houses, drive trains and sail ships. The metal oxides formed during the combustion are captured. Later, these can be reduced back to metal powder, by using green energy. This way, a sustainable cycle is made in which energy is stored. The mission of Team Solid is to realize a Circular Power Station using Metal Fuels