Tata Steel Award 2017 for innovative graduation research

The Tata Steel Award 2017 for the best graduate in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science is awarded by the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) to Remco van Erp, who graduated cum laude at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the TU/e. Remco receives this prize for his Master’s graduation project with the Microsystems group, for which he also stayed some time at the Wyss Institute in Boston, titled “Decoupling sensitivity and dynamic range: electrokinetically driven microfluidic impedance immunosensor with 3D antibody immobilization.

In his Master’s graduation project he developed an innovative microfluidic sensor that uses 3D hydrogels to bind proteins of interest. This development is not only a scientific break-through, it also resulted in a complete medical prototype that enables better, faster and cheaper diagnosis of patients in the future.

The Tata Steel Award is made available by Tata Steel Research, Development & Technology. On November 27th, 2017, the prize will be awarded to Remco during the fall meeting of the KHMW in Haarlem.