Our vision is that the major societal needs and challenges require a significant contribution by the Engineering Sciences in general and system theory, control engineering and mechatronics in particular. In our Control Systems Technology (CST) group we have chosen strategic focuses on applications in Energy (fusion plasmas), Health (robotics for care and cure), Smart Mobility (connected cars and clean vehicles) and High-tech Equipment (mechatronics), thereby creating natural links with the Brainport region Eindhoven and far beyond. 

The mission of the CST group is to develop new methods and tools in the area of Systems Theory, Control Engineering and Mechatronics. The research focuses on understanding the fundamental system properties that determine the performance of mechanical engineering systems, and exploiting this knowledge for the design of the high-tech systems of the future. In particular, the research programme concentrates on performance-driven control and systems design, and develops robust and data-driven control theory, hybrid and networked systems theory, optimisation techniques and mechanical design principles aimed at high-performance motion systems, robotics, vehicle powertrains and control of plasma fusion as application areas.

The objective is to realise our mission by taking an internationally leading role in research, combining this with inspiring education for our students and actively supporting and initiating valorisation through spin-off companies as well as direct co-operation with industry. 

Inspired by our vision, mission and objective, our strategy aims at attaining leadership in research as well as playing an active role in education and co-operation with our surrounding high-tech industry. This strategy has proved highly successful in many aspects. In particular, we are proud to welcome each year an impressive number (40-50/year) of undergraduate students eager to finish their MSc studies in our group. All Master’s students participate in our research projects, and a large number of our PhD students are recruited from this group. As an important supplier of human capital and knowledge for the (global) high-tech industry, we have an extremely healthy portfolio of research projects, well spread over national (STW, FOM), international (EU) and bilateral (Industry) funding. While being this successful, we keep focused on investing in the quality of our people, who are our main asset.