Application of Tuned Mass Dampers on High Frequent Vibrations

In high tech motion systems, the finite stiffness of mechanical components limits the bandwidth of the control system. This phenomenon is usually counteracted by increasing the controller complexity, for instance by adding notch filters. The height of the resonance frequencies of the non-rigid body dynamics and the amount of damping significantly affect the achievable bandwidth. Tuned mass-dampers (TMD) with a low damping value are well understood and often applied to suppress the amplitude at a specific resonance frequency. In this project, highly damped TMD’s are applied which add damping in a broad frequency range. In addition, these dampers are insensitive for parameter variations in terms of stiffness and damping. The main result is a significant modal damping increase over a broad band of resonant frequencies, with only four dampers added. This results in a substantial bandwidth improvement.

PhD Candidate: C.A.M. Verbaan (Kees)
Supervisor: P.C.J.N. Rosielle
Promotor: M. Steinbuch
Project Financing: ASML Research Mechatronics (NL)
Project Period: 01-01-2011 - 01-01-2015