MSc project M. Blom

A SystemC model for heating of paper sheets


Océ specializes in durable, high-end equipment, suitable for corporate publishing / reproduction centers as well as commercial printing and copying operations. Most equipment produced by Océ is high-speed (50 pages per minute and over) and has very high duty cycles (half a million pages a month and higher).
The development of a new printing system involves many technical disciplines, such as mechanics, electronics, computer science, chemistry, and physics. Furthermore, numerous activities take place, such as design, simulation, implementation, test, integration, and validation. Key process indicators of an Océ project are iteration lead time and iteration efficiency. The challenge for every project is to speed up iterations, while maintaining quality.
It is extremely important to be able to validate the correctness of the embedded control software before the electro-mechanical parts are ready: in this way project throughput time will be minimal. Validation is performed on a model of the machine that is built from a number of configurable building blocks. This machine model can be coupled to the embedded control software running in the development environment. Such a simulation, running in the development environment with a simulated clock, is called SIL simulation (software-in-the-loop).


The aim of this assignment is to develop a “simple” model of the heating of the paper sheets by means of SystemC. This should be (1) a model of plant and control together, as well as (2) a model of the plant only, that can be coupled to embedded control software. For this embedded control software a small proof of concept implementation is needed. This assignment will be carried out in the context of the Catrene H-Inception project that wants to extend the capabilities of SystemC-AMS (analog mixed signal) and SystemC-MDVP (multi domain virtual prototyping) for system modeling with different time domains.