The dynamic properties of mechanical systems almost always involve physical and geometrical nonlinearities, possibly a large number of degrees of freedom with interactions between them, and often also a relatively high speed of operation. The combination of these properties easily leads to difficulties in modeling and analysis, and thereby also in successfully implementing a model-based controller design in practice. This is the basic challenge throughout the research in the Dynamics and Control group. Clearly, the ambition of the group is to work at the forefront of today’s technology, and to aim at a highly recognisable research stature not only within the department, but also in the Netherlands and internationally. Against this background, the group focuses on the following research areas:

  1. Nonlinear dynamics of mechanical systems
  2. (Structural) acoustics and noise control
  3. Nonlinear control of mechanical (motion) systems, synchronisation and robotics
  4. Vehicle dynamics, tyre dynamics and control 
  5. Mechanical design[1]

[1] Jointly with Control Systems Technology