Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Mixed Traffic

The aim of CACC is to improve the traffic flow and thus reduce congestion. In this research, (hybrid) electric vehicles are considered, for which the goal is to achieve an efficiency improvement in mixed traffic using CACC.

PhD Candidate: C. Wang
Supervisor: prof. dr. Henk Nijmeijer
Project Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council
Project Period: September 2012 - August 2016

CACC is a system that keeps the spacing between vehicles at an acceptable value, especially for a string of vehicles, in order to increase the traffic flow. In CACC the preceding vehicle communicate their state (for instance the acceleration) to the vehicles that are following it. The main challenge in this research is to design a controller that works for vehicles with different properties, such as a different mass, different actuators etc. The main research question now becomes: How to design (a) stable controller(s) for a string of heterogeneous vehicle(s), such that traffic flow is maximal.