Driver support system for multi-articulated commercial vehicle combinations

The longer and heavier vehicle combinations are being applied worldwide for their increased capacity compared to conventional commercial vehicle combinations. However the fact that those combinations are usually composed from more than two vehicle modules makes them very difficult to control during reversing.

PhD Candidate: K. Kural, MSc
Supervisor: Igo Besselink
1st Promoter: prof. dr. Henk Nijmeijer
2nd Promoter: Joop Pauwelussen, MBA
Project Financing: Agentschap NL, HAN
Project Period: April 2011 - March 2015

To solve the problem, an ongoing research project aims to develop a support system that can assist the driver while reversing.  A series of tests with number of drivers and different vehicle configurations were conducted in order to map the driver’s control strategies, errors and reactions to the directional vehicle behavior. Besides the conventional sensors measuring the vehicle states, also an eye tracking glasses were used.

The glasses can be understood as sort of an ‘eye scanner’ and can be employed to measure the driver’s view and the direction of the gaze. Such information might lead to understanding of the driver behavior, or possible causes leading to driving mistake, which might result in losing the controllability of the vehicle combination.

Furthermore a framework of possible support or information will be identified, which if provided, might lead to the reduction of the driver’s errors and thus improve the driver performance during the reversing. The conceptual design of the driver support will be validated by the series of experiments on the demonstrator or driving simulator.