Dynamics of stable bipedal locomotion

This project aims to develop new frameworks for modeling and identification of humanoid robots and to develop new control strategies and stability analysis tools for bipedal walking.

PhD Candidate: Pieter van Zutven
Promoter: prof. dr. Henk Nijmeijer
Co-promoter: dr. ir. Alessandro Saccon
Project Funding: TU/e (governmental funding/’eerste geldstroom’)
Project Period: December 2009 - May 2014

The project addresses modeling and control of bipeds in the framework of dynamical systems subject to complementarity conditions. These conditions include unilateral constraints that specify dynamics of a biped in contact with the ground. Besides modeling, the research will aim at development of a numerical method for analysis of hybrid biped dynamics. To facilitate this numerical method, an algorithm for automatic estimation of the model parameters on a real robot should be derived. Automatic modeling and identification will facilitate model-based control design and enable proper control of biped locomotion despite transitions between different modes in the robot dynamics.