Energy usage in electric vehicles

This project will mainly focus on improving the energy efficiency in electric vehicles based on research done on Lupo EL, and a road estimator will be developed to estimate the available range in terms of energy left in the battery.

PhD Candidate: Jiquan Wang
Supervisors: dr. ir. Igo Besselink, prof. dr. Henk Nijmeijer
Project Period: September 2012 - August 2016

The Dynamics and Control Group has been active in recent years in the analysis and development of innovative vehicles. As one of the achievements it is worth to mention that a complete conversion of a diesel Volkswagen Lupo 3L has been made to an electric Lupo EL, which is used as a research platform for electric mobility. This project aims to improve the energy efficiency of electric vehicles based on research done with the Lupo EL.

Firstly, an accurate electric vehicle energy usage model will be built. The energy usage model, including battery, inverter, motor and road load, will be validated using measurements under realistic driving conditions.

Secondly, the energy usage efficiency of the electric vehicle will be improved. For example, the regenerative braking control strategy will be improved to decrease the energy consumption.

Lastly, a route planning model will be built. A range and energy consumption estimator will be built to estimate the available range for the vehicle based on the energy left in the battery, then the route planning model can choose the best road to the destination according to the different road conditions, and also can give a suggestion for the driving speed.