"The future of sustainable aviation is within our reach"

AIR/e: sustainable high-speed flight

The Energy Technology group is challenging its students and staff by developing an electrically charged hydrogen powered model aircraft, that will participate in contests in the high-speed class with a student team.


  • Short term goal: Develop and realize a powerful innovative model aircraft.
  • Mid-term goal: Beat the Guinness World speed-record of high speed model aircrafts: 749km/hr (Germany 2017).
  • Long-term goal: Contribute to the development of electrically charged high-speed passenger aircrafts.


  • Energy storage & conversion: electro jet, hydrogen afterburner, batteries & hydrogen tanks
  • Aerodynamics: high speed delta wing
  • Stability & control: flaps, rudder & engine control

More information

  • Rick de Lange
  • Arjan Frijns
  • David Smeulders

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