Mission and Research Themes


The mission of Energy Technology and Fluid Dynamics (ETFD) is to advance heat & flow technologies for energy and high-tech applications. This mission encompasses the scientific development of new methods and tools (science); optimizing advanced systems (technology); transferring knowledge to application partners (valorization); and educating and challenging future generations of engineers (education). 

Research Themes

ETFD features three research themes, which are intimately linked to present-day societal and scientific challenges.

1.       Thermal Energy Storage (TES) aims to develop new materials and systems for heat storage for domestic and industrial applications in line with the RLI (Raad voor de Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur) report on the energy transition. The scientific challenge is to couple fluid flow and heat transfer in complicated geometries.

2.       Fluid-solid interactions (FSI)Fluid-solid interactions (FSI): this research theme is at the forefront of scientific developments and is synergetic to various application areas, e.g. hydraulic fracturing for geothermal applications, elasto-capillarity for inkjet printing processes and contamination control in photo-lithography machines. The scientific challenge is to couple fluid flow and structural behaviour.

3.       Cooling and Separation (CSEP)Cooling and Separation (CSEP): this research line focuses on industrial and domestic cooling systems. An example is the production of LNG by innovative gas pre-treatment steps where cooling and separation of contaminants are combined. A new research line on simulation methods for transport in rarefied gas flows was recently initiated. The scientific challenge is in the combination of (rarefied) gas flow and phase transitions.


For highlights of research topics, see Research highlights.