Alumni (former PhD students)

Ö. Baskan
PhD thesis: Advective-diffusive scalar transport in laminar periodic flows: an experimental investigation, 2015

D. Bergmair
PhD thesis:Design of a system for humidity harvesting using water vapor selective membranes, 2015

M. Fransen
PhD thesis: Experimental study of homogeneous water nucleation in a pulse-expansion wave tube, 2015

O. Gorodetskyi
PhD thesis: Eigenmode analysis of advective-diffusive mixing, 2014

J.H. Kim
PhD thesis: Molecular models for water vapor flows in silica nanopores, 2014

Z. Liu
PhD thesis: Experiments on vortex structures in AC electro-osmotic flow, 2014
First employer: GEMCO

E. Iype
PhD thesis: In silico characterisation of magnesium salt hydrates as energy storage materials, 2014
First employer: TUE

J. Klinkenberg
PhD thesis: Transition in particle-laden flows, 2013
First employer: MARIN

R.W. van Gils
PhD thesis: Feedback stabilisation of pool-boiling systems: for application in thermal management schemes, 2012
First employer: Philips

B.R.M. Kingma
PhD thesis: Human thermoregulation : a synergy between physiology and mathematical modelling, 2012
First employer: Maastricht University

K.K. Sathyanarayanarao Subbarao
PhD thesis: Particulate fouling of dry and liquid coated surfaces, 2012
First employer: Segula

I. Yildirim
PhD thesis: Transition of wire-disturbed cylinder wake flow, 2011
First employer: TMC Mechanical

E.A.T. van den Akker
PhD thesis: Particle-based evaporation models and wall interaction for microchannel cooling, 2010
First employer: Eindhoven University of Technology

H. Ouwerkerk
PhD thesis: Development of a 1 MWe RCG-unit, 2009
First employer: HeatPower (own company)

R. Santbergen
PhD thesis: Optical absorption factor of solar cells for PVT systems, 2008
First employer: Delft University of Technology

N.M.W. Severens
PhD thesis: Modelling hypothermia in patients undergoing surgery, 2008
First employer: Dräger

A.M.J. Claessens-van Ooijen
PhD thesis: Human Thermoregulation: Individual differences in cold induced thermogenesis, 2008
First employer: Medtronic Bakken Research Center
F.P.E.M. Janssen
PhD thesis: Modelling physiological and biochemical aspects of scalp cooling, 2007
First employer: Dutch Patent Office

S. Ljevar
PhD thesis: Rotating stall in wide vaneless diffusers, 2007
First employer: Philips Applied Technologies

T.A. van der Hoeven
PhD thesis: Partial product gas combustion for tar reduction, 2007
First employer: DAF

J. Mans
PhD thesis: Streak development and breakdown during bypass transition, 2007
First employer: Shell

M.B. Jovanovic
PhD thesis: Film cooling through imperfect holes, 2006
First employer: ASML

M. Ren
PhD thesis: 3D flow transition behind a heated cylinder, 2005
First employer: Océ

M.S. Abd-Elhady
PhD thesis: Gas-side particulate fouling in biomass gasifiers, 2005
First employer: University of Alexandria

M.P. Houben
PhD thesis: Analysis of tar removal in a partial oxidation burner, 2004
First employer: Eindhoven University of Technology

M.G. Mwaba
PhD thesis: Analysis of heat exchanger fouling in cane sugar industry, 2003
First employer: Carleton University Canada

C.H.J. Meuleman
PhD thesis: Measurement and unsteady flow modelling of centrifugal compressor surge, 2002
First employer: Cauberg-Huygen Consultancy

T.M. Nagtegaal
PhD thesis: Optical method for temperature profile measurements in glass melts, 2002
First employer: ASML

M.C. van Beek
PhD thesis: Gas-Side Fouling in Heat-Recovery Boilers, 2001
First employer: Electrabel

R. Schook
PhD thesis: Bypass transition experiments in subsonic boundary layers, 2000
First employer: CDS Engineering

R.N. Kieft
PhD thesis: Mixed convection behind a heated cylinder, 2000
First employer: Corus

R. Luppes
PhD thesis: The numerical simulation of turbulent jets and diffusion flames, 2000
First employer: MECAL Engineering Company

M.P.M.A. Limpens
PhD thesis: A design tool for conveyor belt furnaces, 2000
First employer: TNO Science and Industry

R. Ovink
PhD thesis: Flamelet modelling for partially premixed turbulent jet diffusion flames, 1999
First employer: European Development Centre

B. van den Heuvel
PhD thesis: In-cylinder flow analysis for production-type internal combustion engines, 1998
First employer: Ford Aachen

D.W. de Vries
PhD thesis: Design of a photovoltaic/thermal combi-panel, 1998
First employer: NAM

H.A. van Essen
PhD thesis: Modeling and model based control of turbomachinery, 1998
First employer: Eindhoven University of Technology

R.J.M. Bastiaans
PhD thesis: The Large-eddy simulation of confined transitional plumes, 1997
First employer: Eindhoven University of Technology

J. van Berkel
PhD thesis: Thermocline entrainment in stratified energy stores, 1997
First employer: Entry Technologies (own company)

C.J. Hogendoorn
PhD thesis: Heat-transfer measurements in subsonic transitional boundary layers, 1997
First employer: Krohne Altometer

J.J.M. Sillekens
PhD thesis: Laminar mixed convection in ducts, 1995
First employer: Institute for Agrotechnological Research (ATO)

H.P. van Kemenade
PhD thesis: The design of a combustion heated thermionic energy converter, 1995
First employer: Level Engineering Office

W.G.J. van Helden
PhD thesis: On detaching bubbles in upward flow boiling, 1994
First employer: ECN