4EE12 - Programming project


  1. Chaotic Mixing (dr. ir. M.A. Hulsen, Polymer Technology) The main application area of this project is the understanding of viscous and viscoelastic fluid mixing. To this end, a numerical tool will be developed that simulates the stirring in a single-screw extruder.
  2. Multi-particle Dynamics (dr. ir. S.V. Gaastra-Nedea, Energy Technology) The behaviour of a gas between two rigid walls with different temperatures can be studied on a microscopic level of observation by means of multi-particle dynamics. In this assignment, a code to perform such simulations will be developed.
  3. Heat and Flow (dr. ir. J.G.M. Kuerten, Process Technology) In this assignment, a computer program will be developed in which this convection-¬diffusion problem is solved numerically. The program will be used to simulate a two-dimensional problem.
  4. Clustertool (dr. ir. A. Hofkamp, Systems Engineering) Consider a small cluster tool that consists of a wafer supply, one robot and machines (three processing cells). The goal of this assignment is to compute what actions the robot and the processing cells in the cluster tool should perform to get optimal performance of the cluster tool as a whole.
  5. Grain Silo (dr. ir. J.J.C. Remmers, Numerical Methods in Engineering) In this assignment, a program is developed to simulate the flow of little particles (e.g. grains) in a silo. Special attention is paid to the optimization of the code such that the simulation time remains relatively small, even for simulations that contain large numbers of particles.
  6. Dislocations (dr. ir. J.A.W. van Dommelen, Mechanics of Materials) Plastic flow in metallic materials is caused by the glide of dislocations. In this assignment, a code is developed in order to predict the behaviour of dislocations due to an externally applied load.
  7. The airbag (ir. T.M. van Opstal, Multi-Scale Engineering Fluid Dynamics) In this assignment, a 2-dimensional model for the deployment of an airbag is implemented.
  8. Combustion: Auto-ignition of stratified mixtures (dr.ir. J.A. van Oijen, Combustion Technology) Description will follow.

Learning objectives

The design and implementation of a stand alone computer program for a technical application.