National & international associations

The group Mechanics of Materials is associated with

  • 4TU CoE: the 4TU Centre of Excellence on Multiscale Phenomena (
  • EM: The Dutch graduate school on Engineering Mechanics (
  • M2i: The Materials Innovation Institute in the Netherlands (
  • EuroMech: The European Mechanics Society (
  • ICTAM: The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (
  • IAP INTEMATE: Interuniversity Attraction Pole Phase VII, International partner, Multiscale mechanics of interface dominated materials
  • MaTe: Materials Technology at TU/e Eindhoven (
  • GrasMech: The Belgian graduate school in Mechanics (

The research group has acquired a recognized position in the international scientific community, as e.g. apparent from: (1) its excellent QANU score; (2) the different roles of the group members in different international scientific organizations; (3) the plenary and keynote lectures at various conferences; (4) the editorial and many reviewer roles taken.