Below you find all employees of the research group Mechanics of Materials grouped by position.

Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Bergers, L.I.J.C. MoM PD GEM-Z 0. Email to Bergers, L.I.J.C.
Bormann, Dipl.-Ing. F. MoM PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.21 +31 40-247 2054 Email to Bormann, Dipl.-Ing. F.
Brandão Silva, dr. P. MoM PD GEM-Z 4.10 +31 40-247 2644 Email to Brandão Silva, dr. P.
Brekelmans, W.A.M. EBMT OWP GEM-Z 4.128 +31 40-247 2843 Email to Brekelmans, W.A.M.

Total persons: 4