Multi-scale Modeling of Acoustic Shielding Materials

Acoustic shielding is very important for high-tech systems and to human life. Porous materials like acoustic foams can be used to improve this shielding performance. The effects of the complex microstructure can be captured by multiscale modeling methods.

PhD Candidate: Ir. Kun Gao
1st promoter: M.G.D. Geers
Co-promoter & supervisor: J.A.W. van Dommelen
Project Financing: STW project, Acoustic Shielding of High-Tech Systems – a combined passive-active approach
Project Period: March 2012 - February 2016

This PhD project aims to develop a multiscale model of acoustic porous materials. A homogenization method is proposed to investigate the relation between the microstructure and the resulting macroscopic properties. The macroscopic absorption ability is mainly due to the microscopic fluid-solid coupling in the associated Representative Volume Element (RVE). A case study of a 3D idealized cubic microstructure shows that the modification based on the homogenization method improves the prediction of the resonance frequency compared to Biot’s poroelastic theory.