MSc thesis presentation Ibrahim Seymen

30 August
15:30 - 16:30

New technologies and production capabilities enable to make smarter, more efficient and ergonomic medical devices. Improved medical devices can record individual’s body parameters such as sweat rate, body temperature, blood and urine values precisely. These values provide relevant information about an individual’s health condition and continuous monitoring is critical for checking health status for example during ongoing surgery or comatose. In this respect core body temperature is an important indicator for human body wellness.

There are several recently developed ways to measure core body temperature: conventional contact thermometer, infrared (IR), Radio waves and heat flow.The method which is a promising one, is the heat flow temperature measurement technique. The main concept of this technique is to obtain a temperature value from the presence of a thermal gradient in the medium. Heat is transferred from hotter medium to a colder medium.

The aim of this graduation project is to design and develop an improved non-invasive, passive heat flux temperature measurement sensor that can be integrated in patches and garments. Firstly body and probe thermal analyses are handled, in respect to these results, thermometer design is finalized with using thermistors and experimentation of probe is conducted. Finally, this principle is repeated by using printed sensors and applying in the garments.