New group member: Postdoctoral researcher Hongbo Yuan

Hongbo obtained his Master’s degree from the School of Science, Hebei University of Technology, China, in 2013. He then started as a PhD student in School of Materials Science and Engineering under the supervision of Prof. dr. Yong Zhan and Prof. dr. Chengfen Xing at the same university. While pursuing his PhD, he moved to Nijmegen in 2015 as a joint PhD student in the Molecular Materials group under the supervision of Prof. dr. Alan E. Rowan and Dr. Paul H. J. Kouwer at Radboud University, The Netherlands. During his PhD, he focused on the fabrication of hybrid materials and studied their applications based on water-soluble conjugated polymers.

In our group, he will do research in the project "Dynamic self-cleaning surfaces enabled by responsive materials (Dynaclean)”, which is done in collaboration with University of Groningen, The potential users of this project are well composed: two large industrial players (Philips and DSM), an R&D Institute (Holst Centre), and a small start-up (SolarExcel). We are very happy with Hongbo in our group and convinced he will make this project a success!