New group member: PhD candidate Andreas Pollet

We are very happy to welcome Andreas Pollet as a new PhD candidate in our group! In the coming years, he will work on the Locate project. His main challenge will be to develop an in vitro blood vessel model, which can be used to test novel cancer localization strategies by ultrasound microvasculature imaging.

Andreas obtained his BSc and MSc in BioMedical Engineering at the TU/e in the group of Carlijn Bouten. He has always kept a broad interest in all BioMedical topics but especially in regenerative medicine and organ-on-a-chip technology. His master thesis project was titled: “Vessel wall on-a-chip” and was supervised by Cecilia Sahlgren and Oscar Stassen. During this project, he got to know and use several microfabrication methods in the Microfab Lab, which led to his interest in doing research at the Microsystems group. 

The Locate project is in collaboration with Electrical Engineering and several potential users: Philips Research, Bracco, Micronit, AMC and Tide Microfluidics.