CHEM1D is able to calculate not only with a simple one step reaction mechanism, but also complex chemistry like the GRI-mech reaction mechanisms. You can switch between several mechanisms without recompiling the CHEM1D program.

CHEM1D is able to calculate several flametypes, like an adiabatic, burner stablilized, ceramic burner stabilized and a counterflow (diffusion) flame. Besides these basic types you can calculate also stretch, curvature, gasradiation with CHEM1D.

  • Adaptive gridding
  • Implicit solver
  • Timestepper (real /false)
  • Flexible inlet composition
  • CHEMKIN III compatible
  • Thermal diffusion
  • Transport modelling
  • Unity Lewis numbers
  • Constant Lewis numbers
  • Mixture average
  • EGlib

More information concerning CHEM1D can be found in the thesis of Somers