Oil and gas recovery

The recovery of oil and gas from the subsurface remains an area of technical development. Our work covers the entire spectrum from wells to pipeline. These include:

  • development of novel cryogenic gas/liquid separation processes for removing CO2 and H2S from contaminated gas streams
  • particle agglomeration studies for in-situ blocking of large subsurface fractures
  • development of novel viscoelastic fluids for retarding injection fluid flow in subsurface fractures and high permeability zones of porous matrix
  • flow induced viscoelastic solutions as “green” fracking fluids for proppant placement and flowback
  • subcritical water as a novel medium for mobilising heavy oil (including oil shales) as well as a downstream excursion converting lignin biomass into fuel oils

Contact: Mike Golombok at michael.golombok@shell.com  on 070 447 2327