Fistuca BV (3.5 fte) was started in 2008 by J. Winkes MSc to develop a clean and efficient DC (double-combustion) Pile Driver and the LP Vibratory Hammer, a well-controllable, lowmaintenance and fuel-efficient vibratory hammer, both for the onshore market. Inspired by previous developments, BLUE technology was developed with the offshore wind market leaders. BLUE promises to drive down the price of offshore wind and the ecological impact of installing these foundations, see www.fistuca.com.

Progression Industry BV was founded in 2009 by dr. M. Boot to valorise the various engine and fuel innovations developed during his PhD period in the CT group. Of the three technologies in question, WEDACS, PFAMEN and CyclOx, the latter is the most mature. In 2013, Maersk Oil Trading placed a 10 year order for 50 ktons/annum of this biofuel. This order is now being used to attract funding to construct a commercial-scale bio-refinery in the Rotterdam area. WEDACS, a waste energy recovery technology, is currently in the final phase of development, funded by a 2.5 M€ EU project in cooperation with among others Volvo Car Corporation. Progression Industry has 5 employees, see www.progression-industry.com.

SNOCOM BV; SNOCOM is a spin-off company from Eindhoven University of Technology and Schiphol Group. Both have supported SNOCOM for years in numerous ways. SNOCOM has developed a technique to harvest snow by using continuous snow compression. This enables airports to decrease the downtime after a snowfall and reduce operational expenditures by 80%. But there is more, compressed snow has a higher energy density than loose snow and can be used for cooling. That is why we prefer to speak about snow harvesting and not about snow removal! The current focus of SNOCOM is on the airport market and will be extended to municipalities and ports in a later stage. SNOCOM is in the final stage of product development. For more information, please visit www.snocom.com