The Polymer Technology group aims to close the gap between science and technology, spanning the cycle from structure via processing to products. A multidisciplinary approach is adopted which integrates classical disciplines as Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Materials Science, (Bio)Physics, (Bio)Chemistry. A key feature in the group’s research is the multi-scale character of research: To bridge the gap from the underlying structure and kinetics of polymers to their respective applications, we use advanced experimental, theoretical and numerical methods. Central research themes include polymer mechanics, rheology, lifetime assessment, friction and wear, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, multi-scale mechanics.

At the BSc level, we teach all basic elements within our discipline that provide the Mechanical Engineering students with the basic analytical skills to engineer the mechanical behaviour of polymers. 

At the MSc level, we provide in-depth courses to train specialists in computational mechanics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, polymer mechanics and particle-based simulation techniques.

At the PhD level, we contribute to the course curriculum of the National Dutch Graduate Program in Polymer Science and Technology (PTN website). These courses are on the state-of-the-art in the field.