Scientific staff

Below you find a list of all scientists of the department of Mechanical Engineering in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Aangenendt, ir. F.J. MS PhD Stud. GEM-Z 3.121 +31 40-247 2008 Email to Aangenendt, ir. F.J.
Abdel Malik, M.R.A. MSc MEFD PhD Stud. GEM-Z 3.138 +31 40-247 8453 Email to Abdel Malik, M.R.A. MSc
Adan, I.J.B.F. OPAC HGL Pav E.14 +31 40-247 2932 Email to Adan, I.J.B.F.
Akargün, H.Y. MSc MRF PhD Stud. GEM-N 1.41 +31 40-247 3621 Email to Akargün, H.Y. MSc
Akkurt, B. MSc MRF PhD Stud. GEM-N 1.20 +31 40-247 2877 Email to Akkurt, B. MSc
Anastasio, R. MSc POL PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.20 +31 40-247 4022 Email to Anastasio, R. MSc
Anderson, P.D. POL HGL GEM-Z 4.137 +31 40-247 4823 Email to Anderson, P.D.
Andrien, ir. A.R.P. CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Andrien, ir. A.R.P.
Aribowo, A.G. MSc DC PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.131 +31 40-247 2849 Email to Aribowo, A.G. MSc
Asadi Khashooei, B. MSc CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.138 +31 40-247 2072 Email to Asadi Khashooei, B. MSc
Awasthi, A. MSc MRF PhD Stud. GEM-N 2.142 +31 40-247 5876 Email to Awasthi, A. MSc

Total persons: 11