prof.dr. M. (Michael) Golombok - Education

Golombok, prof.dr. M.
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Chair :
Oil and gas production technology
Department :
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Section :
Multiphase & Reactive Flows
Positioncategory :
Professor (HGL)
Position :
Full Professor
Room :
GEM-Z 2.134
Tel :
+31 40-247 3664
Tel (internal) :
Email :

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  • 4AT98 Graduation project AT- Mechanical Engineering (Docent)
  • 4AT99 Internship AT- Mechanical Engineering (Docent)
  • 4BM50 Introduction to petroleum production (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • 4P680 Introduction to petroleum production (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • 4SE30 Research traineeship SET (Docent)
  • 4SE40 Graduation Project Sustainable Energy Technology (Docent)
  • 4WC13 Bachelor final project TFE - Multiphase and Reactive Flows (Docent)
  • 4YM00 Extended Internship (Docent)
  • 4Z531 Graduation project Multiphase Reactive Flows (Docent)
  • 4Z532 Graduation project Multiphase and Reactive Flows (international) (Docent)
  • 4Z535 Graduation project Process Technology (international) (Mede-docent)
  • 4Z631 Internship Multiphase and Reactive Flows (Docent)
  • 4Z632 Externship Multiphase and Reactive Flows (Docent)
  • 4Z633 Externship Multiphase and Reactive Flows(international) (Docent)