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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Raida, M.B. MSc MRF PhD Stud. GEM-N 1.44 +31 40-247 3819 Email to Raida, M.B. MSc
Ramalho Geraldes, R. CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Ramalho Geraldes, R.
Rashidinejad, A. MSc CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0.007A +31 40-247 8325 Email to Rashidinejad, A. MSc
Ravensbergen, T. MSc CST PhD Stud. DIF 2.05 +31 40-3334950 Email to Ravensbergen, T. MSc
Reijnders, ir. J.J.E. MRF OWP GEM-N 1.23 +31 40-247 7367 Email to Reijnders, ir. J.J.E.
Reijnen, F.F.H. CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0.007A Email to Reijnen, F.F.H.
Reinders, J.M.F. MSc DC PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Reinders, J.M.F. MSc
Remmers, J.J.C. MoM UHD GEM-Z 4.130 +31 40-247 3175 Email to Remmers, J.J.C.
Reniers, M.A. CST UHD GEM-Z 0.129 +31 40-247 4136 Email to Reniers, M.A.
Rezazadeh, V. MoM PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Rezazadeh, V.
Rijnen, ir. M.W.L.M. DC PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.144 +31 40-247 2811 Email to Rijnen, ir. M.W.L.M.
Rijvers, L.P.M. ET TOIO GEM-Z 0. Email to Rijvers, L.P.M.
Rindt, C.C.M. EI UHD GEM-Z 2.125 +31 40-247 2978 Email to Rindt, C.C.M.
Rodrigues, I.F. DC PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.131 +31 40-247 2849 Email to Rodrigues, I.F.
Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M. MRF HGL GEM-Z 2.142 Email to Roekaerts, prof.dr. D.J.E.M.
Rogov, K. DC PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.123 +31 40-247 4828 Email to Rogov, K.
Rokos, ing. O. PhD MoM PD GEM-Z 4.10 +31 40-247 2644 Email to Rokos, ing. O. PhD
Rooda, J.E. CST HGL em GEM-Z 0. Email to Rooda, J.E.
Rooy, ing. H.W.A.M. van CST OBP GEM-Z 0.117 +31 40-247 4561 Email to Rooy, ing. H.W.A.M. van
Rosielle, P.C.J.N. DC UHD GEM-N 0.68 +31 40-247 4580 Email to Rosielle, P.C.J.N.
Rozario, ir. R. de CST PhD Stud. GEM-Z -01.127 +31 40-247 2798 Email to Rozario, ir. R. de
Ruybalid, A.P. MoM PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.21 +31 40-247 2054 Email to Ruybalid, A.P.

Total persons: 22