Fundraising development

Dear TU/e friends and donors,

Your support is indispensable. Our society is facing tremendous challenges in the fields of energy, climate, health, safety, sustainability, mobility and communication. New technological solutions are needed to meet these challenges head-on. And it is not just the government is responsible for the success of these solutions.Friends and donors are playing an increasingly large role. Supporters who are thinking about the possibilities and opportunities and who are interested in contributing to the solutions our society needs.

TU/e is using scientific research to develop solutions such as a car that works on solar energy, a heart valve grown from your own cells, a healthcare robot and an energy-producing building.TU/e trains engineers with a solid scientific background and the skills to apply themselves in a variety of sectors and positions. In addition, we focus on translating our research findings into successful innovations and new companies.

At TU/e, we work on our society’s future every single day. In our research laboratories, our lecture halls and our student teams. Your donation or contribution can make the difference – every single one is crucial. We, and everyone who understands the value of technological solutions, are truly grateful.

Best regards,

Jan Mengelers
Director of the TU/e Executive Board