Marina van Damme grant offers a helping hand to ambitions female engineers

“With this grant, I want to support young, ambitious women. I think it will be a long time before our university and industry leaders are 50% women,” says Marina van Damme, 85 years old, who lent her name to this grant. Naming the grant after her was a conscious decision, because she thinks an anonymous grant will garner less attention and will have less of an impact. “This way, it’s less anonymous, and I can be more of a role model.”

Imaging technology
The lucky winner in 2015 was Lisanne van Oppen, Biomedical Technology graduate and currently working as a PhD student at the Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen, where she researches targeted drug delivery. Van Oppen is using the grant, a sum of 9000 euro, to go to Barcelona for three months, where she will learn in depth about new imaging technologies, such as super-resolution microscopy.

Important career step
The Marina van Damme grant is awarded to the female engineer who submitted the best proposal, who will be able to the 9000 euro lump sum for an important step in her career. The grant must be used for the kind of education that will help unlock new career possibilities. Two runners-up will each receive a 1000-euro encouragement award.

Van Damme is bequeathing 253,000 euro to TU/e, so we can continue to award the grant for the next 23 years. Recently signed, this is now the largest bequest TU/e has ever received.