Maarten Steinbuch

“Student teams going off the beaten track”

With eye-catching projects, our student teams are proving that things can be faster, more efficient, safer and more sustainable. Students are pooling their knowledge and creativity and are making their wildest dreams come true. “What’s most special about these student teams is the amount of energy these young people get out of them. There is so much potential in these teams,” says Prof Maarten Steinbuch, chair of the Control Systems Technology department at TU/e.

Talent for technologyFor this reason, he made two donations to the student teams: five thousand euro each, from his profits as author of The Smart Calendar. “With this contribution, I want to stimulate young people with a talent for technology. Because we need more attention for these activities - young people need to know more about technological fields.”“An important condition for innovation”The professor, who founded the Automotive bachelor’s degree program and the Automotive Technology master’s degree program, highly appreciates the courage of the student teams to venture off the beaten track. “That’s an important condition for innovation, and we need to encourage it as much as possible.”